Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mosaic making

I love mosaics and a large part of The Craft Company is devoted to making mosaics. I am working hard this year to come up with mosaics that have brighter colors and are applied to functional items. 

Walking around my factory this morning I took some pictures of the new frames that are going to go in the stores soon. They are waiting to be grouted all piled up and unpolished yet. I find it a real challenge to design items that can support mosaics and look good for people to buy and display in their homes.

My new hot plate mosaic design yet unpolished and grouted.

 I also make mosaic lamps and these are from the 
carpentry department all lined up ready for the mosaic to be applied on. I have chosen a colorful design like the one in my new hot plates above.

I would love to discuss mosaic making and help and share all my experience with mosaics. Please email or comment and I will be happy to write back

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