Monday 14 January 2013

A New Year

A New Year!

The Craft Company has had a great year this year with many new developments and novel ideas inspiring it. The year ended with The Craft Company being featured in Libas International magazine's annual issue and I am so proud of all my workers and the work we do. 

The article talks about my use of Mughal icons in my work. The Noor Jehan painting I keep returning to has a haunting quality to it. Like an elegant, ethereal Botticelli the artist seems to have captured her with mystery, beauty and tenderness.

Saba Imtiaz who wrote the article is an eminent journalist captured the mood of the Craft Company and my love for creating things eloquently.

There are so many more things to do this year and with the city and the country in so much turmoil I wish we can keep going despite the distractions. My article in the Express Tribune this week talked about the Politics of Hatred that is so prevalent in Pakistan. It is so sad that the people of Hazara have to sit in on the streets and wait to bury their dead in hope that justice will prevail. I have been looking into the history of these people and their sad persecution over the years. There is so much buried animosity inherited by whole tribes of people that just does not end and is lived and relived by each generation. Instead of trying to quench the diversity of the people of this country why not celebrate it and respect people for their own religion, their tradition and embrace the multiculturalism that is the subcontinent.

 I looked up the Hazara people of Pakistan and their favorite meals, a flat bread stuffed with pumpkin and different kinds of vegetables called Bolani or Pirki and I have found a recipe for it. I am going to try and make it tonight and in a small way try and learn more about the people of Hazara. 


  1. Dear Muna, I have always admired your artistry and the beautiful, exquisite work you produce at the Craft Company. I miss going to your shops in Karachi just to discover new jewels! Great of you to address the plight of the Hazaras. Thank you for having a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart too! Your friend, Carmen

  2. Thanks Carmen. You are a wonderful, caring person and I miss you too. Hopefully we can meet up soon.